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A site to provide you with statistics, graphs and maps on how New Zealand's public transport services are doing, today and in the past


How many services are reported on alerts as cancelled today


0% of trips are running over 2 and a half minutes late


0% of trips are running at least a minute and a half ahead of schedule

Not Reporting

0% of trips are not reporting their delay or location

Leaderboard 🏅

The leading services this week for the highest average disruption, this is checked every 15 minutes

This excludes school buses (which are always the worst, they run infrequently and at high traffic times)


Average disruption of:


Average disruption of:


Average disruption of:

Statistics ✍️

Every 20 minutes I take a sit-rep of how Metlink's services are doing

Data for Wellington begins from 12-08-2021, all times displayed are in NZST

As of 20-06-2023, the updated definition of a late service now allows for a 2 and a half minute grace period instead of the previous 2 minute threshold

Service Breakdown 🚌

Drill down into the performance of a single service

Timetables 🔎

A quick view of the status of all the current trips. If the time is 0m:00s on a service, it usually means that it's not reporting its time

Route NumberRoute DescriptionDelay
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